My Work Day Brought to You by Animated GIFs

My favorite Marketing Automation Specialist, Kimi, created “A Day in the Life” post last week about what she does set to animated GIFs. Well, I couldn’t resist and decided to create one on behalf of all Campaign Specialists out there that love what they do.  Hopefully, you can relate. I’m thinking of making a sequel, so if you have anything to add put it in a comment! ENJOY!

When I find out our marketing automation system can yet again do something AMAZING:

It’s Friday at 3pm and I start writing my next campaign copy:

When the “Someone Clicked a Link” emails roll in:

When people say anyone can write an email:

When you can’t decide which blog post, white paper, or case study to use:

When you receive a list from a conference that needs to be scrubbed:

When you click submit on the automation request form to start a new campaign:

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What Lent Means to Me

Lent [noun] An annual season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter.

I attended Catholic school from pre-k till I graduated high school. The liturgical calendar was routine for me growing up. Go to church on Sunday and all Holy Days. Stations of the Cross every Friday during the Easter season. Giving up something for Lent was second nature.

Then I went away to college. I got lazy in my practice and only went to church when I was at home for the holidays. Fasted during Lent, but rarely gave anything up. As the years went by I got lazier and lazier.

So with much thought about this Lenten Season that started today on Ash Wednesday, I will leave you with how I will be observing the most solemn time in the Catholic faith.

Give Up: Pop, Gatorade, & Chipotle

In order to prepare ourselves for Easter Keith and I have decided to join a new parish down the road from our house – St. Richards – and will be attending church every week. Luckily, Keith knows how important this really is to me and getting married outside of the church is not an option when that time comes.

*What do you give up and do in order to prepare for the Easter?*

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DIY farmhouse table

When we moved into our house the previous owners left some furniture. Some was so-so and others were hidden gems. Enter the farmhouse table:
It was a little beat up around the legs and a few blemishes on the actual table top but I still thought it had potential. I have been pricing dining room sets that have the farmhouse look but modern twist. Think metal/industrial chairs. So after weeks of pinning how to DIY gel stain I decided to try it. What’s the worst that could happen…

The keys to gel stain I figured it are:
1. Wear gloves
2. Lay it on thick and wipe away
I used Minwax gel stain in hickory. After two coats (you have to wait 8 hours between each) and a freshen up on the white legs here is the finished product. The only thing left is to put a semigloss poly coat over.
I’m very pleased with how it came out and it will look even better once we tear up the carpet in the dining room. We picked out a color of Pergo flooring and can’t wait to get going on it! Oh and take a look at these chairs! They are from Restoration Hardware… On SALE for $39 a pop! It’s my lucky weekend!
Have you ever gel stained to make a Ho Hum piece of furniture shine?

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How Far I’ve Come

I had a moment last night. I participated in my first, but not last, spin class at Psycle in Westlake. First off I’m in LOVE! When you hear that a spin class is suppose to challenge you, make you sweat, and have fun at the same time you think people are crazy. But last night proved those crazies right. The music was bumpin’, the sweat was drippin’, and I was workin’!

The instructor knew I was a newbie since I used the new student special. They were friendly and made sure I was set up correctly on the bike, even though I was familiar with the bike.

The atmosphere is great. subtle lighting and loud music. Signing is even encouraged! There is one point toward the end of the class where the lights are completely turned off and only candles are lit. At that point I dropped my head and I did what I was there for. It may be my favorite part of the class.

What I didn’t expect was that the instructor moves 2 candles in front of riders who were giving it all and enthusiastic during the ride. Cool right? Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Well one of those riders was me last night. She welcomed me to Psycle with the candle along with cheers from the other riders.

I started to cry a little at that moment. Well I think I was crying with all the sweat. Either way, I realized what I was there for and how long it took me to get there. I would have never been there 3 years ago if I didn’t start changing my lifestyle.

What’s the point of this post? Motivation for me to keep going mostly. But, I think it’s long over due and a before and present photo montage is in order. I never thought I would be able to do something like this:

Before 2011:


Present 2013:


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Trying New Things!

Last night at the gym marked my 5th week straight, according to Foursquare. I was pretty pumped when I saw that little message with my points for the check in. Why? Because I honestly think that has been the longest consecutive run of hitting up the gym. Below is a little update of new things going on with my workouts and motivation:

Since starting spin class at work in August and not running up until 5 weeks ago, it has gotten easier. My legs feel stronger and yell at me to go further. My pace may be slower but I can go longer at one time [insert dirty thought here].

Last night I tried out a pinterest workout. I haven’t sweat thru a shirt in a very, very long time. Which means I knocked out 3 miles for the first time since August.
Run 1/2 mile
10 pushups
20 squats
30 crunches
Repeat 6 times

At work we have started a MOVable Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to hit 100 miles in 4 weeks. Everyone participating is wearing a MOVband which tracks your overall movement and converts them into steps and miles. Talk about a motivator! Over the past two weeks I have been averaging 13,000 MOVs which is roughly 5 miles for me! Last nights workout alone was worth 5,000 and I had a total of 16,500!

Tonight I am signed up for a warm yoga for all levels and Thursday I am scheduled for a spin class at a local hot spot. Both of which I am excited to try out.

*What new things are motivating you in the new year?*

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Big Bang!

I made my 2012 bucket list heavily focused on fitness and to be honest I got lazy and busy. But mostly lazy. I’m taking a step back this year and I re-evaluated what I want to do that will make me truly happy.

So here it is, my 2013 Bucket List. This year’s seems more attainable and it will benefit all areas of my life🙂

Home Sweet Home

Keith and I bought a house in 2012. We calculated how much money we have “thrown away” by renting and how much we would keep “throwing away” if we kept renting for a couple more years. It made me sick to my stomach. All the money we put into a place that I was afraid to make a home for fear the nail will ruin the wall!

We bought a ranch on 1/2 acre of land. We have prioritized and started making a to-do DIY list of things we need and want done. We’ve tackled the painting for the most part, now it is time to put all those pins to use on my Pinterest boards and make this place ours. Keep an eye out for the projects we attempt and hopefully don’t fail at!

Healthy New Me

Last year I jumped in headfirst and didn’t create realistic goals. This year I am working towards a happy and healthy me. Healthy eating – smoothies, lean protein, new and interesting grains, lots of fruits and veggies. I will still be on the Weight Watchers program and starting fresh. Going back to the basics.

As far as my workout routines – they will be well thought out and planned. A gradual increase to build endurance and strength. Workouts I will enjoy and not dread. I am going to keep spinning once a week and adding running back in. I have plans for some races this year and will give you the details soon.


I transitioned into a new and exciting position last June and have loved it ever since. I’m focused on email marketing and lead nurturing in my new position. The company is growing, and they don’t  intend to stop. Something I want to work on participating in more webinars, listening to more marketing podcasts, possibly attend a conference if it works into my schedule. Basically, I want to improve my craft and learn!


Things are going great otherwise. I’d love to make more time for things Keith and I enjoy. Camping, being outdoors, and finally get a pooch! We have been talking about it a lot lately and since finishing the fence to our yard is a top project, I believe the dog will happen. We want to rescue a Belgian Malinois. Seriously, aren’t they adorable and playful?! LOVE! My parents rescued a girl 2 years ago, Tessah, and she is the sweetest, lovable dog ever!

*How will you make 2013 more meaningful?*

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I’m alive!

My last post was in June when I said goodbye to my former job and hello to the new. I guess I can start there and say that I am in love. I always loved what I do in Marketing but now I love my company just as much. I see a career path that I look forward to exploring. And how exciting, Tuesday will be a total of 6 months there!

In other news since June… Keith and I bought a house! It was unexpectedly planned. We started looking again in July and September we had keys! It’s been a great experience so far and our spring and summer to do list is growing! Keep an eye out for the DIY projects we have planned.

Hmm, what else. August was the last time I ran, during the warrior dash… Until last week. I have been spinning once a week since September at our on site facility at work. Last week we joined the local rec center and I managed to squeeze out a 2 miler quicker than I expected. I like what spinning has done to my leg muscles. However, I am in desperate need of new running shoes. After the Christmas I have a date planned with Second Sole.

I took a look at my goals I had set for 2012 and am disappointed in what I accomplished. I am excited to though to revamp them and get back on track. I’m looking forward to getting back into this “blogging” thing too.

That’s about everything from the past 6 months. Riveting stuff I know!

What do you have planned for 2013 that you didn’t accomplish in 2012?

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