What Lent Means to Me

Lent [noun] An annual season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter.

I attended Catholic school from pre-k till I graduated high school. The liturgical calendar was routine for me growing up. Go to church on Sunday and all Holy Days. Stations of the Cross every Friday during the Easter season. Giving up something for Lent was second nature.

Then I went away to college. I got lazy in my practice and only went to church when I was at home for the holidays. Fasted during Lent, but rarely gave anything up. As the years went by I got lazier and lazier.

So with much thought about this Lenten Season that started today on Ash Wednesday, I will leave you with how I will be observing the most solemn time in the Catholic faith.

Give Up: Pop, Gatorade, & Chipotle

In order to prepare ourselves for Easter Keith and I have decided to join a new parish down the road from our house – St. Richards – and will be attending church every week. Luckily, Keith knows how important this really is to me and getting married outside of the church is not an option when that time comes.

*What do you give up and do in order to prepare for the Easter?*

About asierput

Ask me where I am from and I will say the BEST place on earth. I live in Cleveland with my boyfriend where both our families are. I am a food and camping fan and a beer explorer. I am a Dawg Pound and Outfield sitter. By day I am an Industry Campaign Specialist and marketing NERD and by night I am kicking butt and taking names while getting in shape and staying healthy. Remember... dare to move!
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2 Responses to What Lent Means to Me

  1. mojamala2 says:

    Last year i gave up almost everything lol. This year I’m giving up fast food, including subway and chipotle. Also specialty coffee drinks. Blog post coming soon.

  2. asierput says:

    Oh, That was a good way of giving up coffee. I wanted to but I couldn’t think of how to do it!

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