My Work Day Brought to You by Animated GIFs

My favorite Marketing Automation Specialist, Kimi, created “A Day in the Life” post last week about what she does set to animated GIFs. Well, I couldn’t resist and decided to create one on behalf of all Campaign Specialists out there that love what they do.  Hopefully, you can relate. I’m thinking of making a sequel, so if you have anything to add put it in a comment! ENJOY!

When I find out our marketing automation system can yet again do something AMAZING:

It’s Friday at 3pm and I start writing my next campaign copy:

When the “Someone Clicked a Link” emails roll in:

When people say anyone can write an email:

When you can’t decide which blog post, white paper, or case study to use:

When you receive a list from a conference that needs to be scrubbed:

When you click submit on the automation request form to start a new campaign:

About asierput

Ask me where I am from and I will say the BEST place on earth. I live in Cleveland with my boyfriend where both our families are. I am a food and camping fan and a beer explorer. I am a Dawg Pound and Outfield sitter. By day I am an Industry Campaign Specialist and marketing NERD and by night I am kicking butt and taking names while getting in shape and staying healthy. Remember... dare to move!
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2 Responses to My Work Day Brought to You by Animated GIFs

  1. OMG, I’m crying with laughter. Why are animated GIFs SO AWESOME?!

  2. Loren says:

    hahahahaha i love all of these!

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